Other blockchain games

Most other blockchain games focus too much on "Earn" instead of "Play". Players need to buy and own NFTs to join the game, continuously use their coins to speed up the run, power racing, and upgrade their character to make more money. The game model built like that will not be able to help the game develop in the long run, only experienced gamers can make a big profit. Conversely, newbies are supposed to suffer from profit loss. Players have a tendency to switch to another game where they can start from scratch, as soon as the game “loses heat''.

Player restriction

Focus only on users who already know about NFT games and blockchain platforms. The game doesn't care about the player's experience and creativity. Therefore, these types of blockchain games do not have many activities for players.

Pay to play

In other NFT games, the player must spend money to buy in-game items or characters before starting. Therefore, they often want a high return on investment and don't care much about the game.

The entertainment is not high

Currently, the NFT game graphics are still simple, mostly in 2D form, and the entertainment nature is still low and not attractive, this makes players quickly get bored of the game, especially for players who want to entertain themselves rather than make money. This, however, does not meet their needs.

Not only that, players do not have many opportunities to create and design their NFT items or houses in current blockchain games.

Game ideas are not diverse

NFT games are still very sketchy, most of the economic models on NFT games are almost the same, some parties just change the graphics and operation to create a different game. This makes it harder for the community to grow bigger.

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