$MMF is the governance token of the My Meta Farm. Project developers as well as all players will always cooperate to develop product features and agreements to come up with the most optimal token usage mechanisms. $MMF is an ERC-20 standard utility token built on the blockchain of Polygon, BNB Chain and Avalanche. $MMF is the main medium of exchange in the ecosystem of My Meta Farm, which includes:

  • Staking: This is a method to help users increase the number of MMF tokens passively (passive revenue). See more at Staking

  • DAO / Voting: MMF allows users to participate in the DAO board to be able to propose and vote on project changes and developments. See more at DAO / Voting

  • Marketplace payment: Users can freely trade My Meta Farm NFT items on Marketplace with MMF tokens

  • Store payment / Land Sale: The MMF token will be the only payment method for users to buy Land during Land Sale as well as pay for items distributed from the publisher.

  • Create item: Creators will need a certain amount of MMF tokens to turn their creative works into NFT.

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