Eastfog Studio was originally just an independent studio. Nowadays, Eastfog has become a ‘Happiness place” with many more members embracing the same vision: Create unforgettable game experiences for players.

Throughout the journey of creation and development, Eastfog has released many high-quality products and received many positive reviews from the community on the Steam platform. Eastfog's 'children' include Root Of Evil: The Tailor, Windy Kingdom, Bunny Dance.

Thanh Le - CEO

Founder / CEO of EastFog Studios - one of the pioneers in the early indie game development movement in Vietnam since 2009. He is a huge dream-chaser especially interested and deeply focused on game quality as well as gamer experience. He is also the initiator of the movement making games on Steam, Bringing famous Vietnamese games into the international playground.

"As the initiator of making games on the Steam platform in Vietnam, I have always had the ambition to bring high-quality game products to the world. I strongly want to convey a certain message through my game to people. Games are not just for fun, It's an experience that makes you smile every time you think about it. Then, with 8 years of experience working with many large companies in the field of game development and 3D simulation, I decided to start my own career and founded Eastfog studios in 2016.

And you know what? I will create my own answer to the question: "what makes a gamer smile when remembering their game experience?"

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