My Meta Farm “Your Idea - Our Aspiration”

My Meta Farm is the gateway that brings many players closer to the blockchain.

My Meta Farm is aimed at a diverse community of gamers that can be easily joined from the usual platforms. We are innovating a new unobtrusive way to connect an exciting story of games with blockchain features. My Meta Farm is not fully owned and controlled by the publisher as in traditional games, but the players themselves and the owners of the game's digital assets tools will have control over our game. In addition, inspired by successful games, such as Animal Crossing, My Meta Farm also creates a mystical farm world, with the job of helping the animals and revitalizing the farm. Players have to fight monsters, build and decorate structures to their liking, grow crops, and clear houses and paddy fields.

Strengths, players are “owning assets” created by themselves in My Meta Farm. Players also enjoy a democratic governance model based on a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). In particular, through playing the game, gamers will receive rewards in the form of items (NFTs) or tokens ($MMF). With the public, a transparent and verifiable blockchain that My Meta Farm has high trust, the items and rewards obtained in the game can be converted into real value, bringing revenue to the users.

Whether you're a traditional player or someone new to GameFi - Don’t worry about that, we aim for lasting and sustainable fun - My Meta Farm offers an immersive experience, fun through experiences like farming, cooking, fishing, mini-game activities, and a bustling marketplace for players that want to exchange NFTs.

My Meta Farm is the brainchild of EastFog, an interactive game studio known for its gaming innovations. In fact, towards the orientation of Game Makers, we are not just focusing on GameFi, our main goal is aspiration to bring a promising world in the future - A lasting and sustainable connected world

Metaverse City

My Meta Farm - A metaverse world where players can buy and own virtual lands, collect and build exciting items, meet new friends and monetize your gaming experiences. With a gameplay element that provides players with a great degree of creativity to interact with, My Meta Farm is associated with an open world concept which grants players freedom of creativity and progression in the metaverse.

No matter who you are, which country or territory you are from, we create a free and fair playing field for all ages. Players don’t just play the game anymore, they are part of the game.


Simulation, Open-world, Strategy, Massively-multiplayer Online (MMO), Puzzle, Farming, 4X (Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate), Art & Creative game.

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