DAO / Voting

My Meta Farm is oriented to gradually develop products in a decentralized manner through DAO. There will not be any single person/organization that has the right to decide to change the content, change the general economy or change the rules of the product.

Members who participate in DAO / Voting will receive corresponding rewards from the DAO Treasury.

To approve product proposals and changes, My Meta Farm applies a Quadratic Voting scheme. The simple formula of Quadratic Voting is: Vote cost = (vote amount)² (unit: DPs)

[DPs: read more at Dao Power]

For example,

  • It will cost 1 DPs for1 vote for a proposal

  • It will cost 4 DPs for2 votes for a proposal

  • It will cost 25 DPs for5 votes for a proposal

Why Quadratic Voting?

With such a mechanism, contributors can vote for their favorite options and emphasize their preferences through multiple votes. At the same time, it will also limit voting manipulation by “big bag” token holders.

See more: https://vitalik.ca/general/2019/12/07/quadratic.html

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