In the beginning, the player will buy a small piece of land then they can have full ownership of this land. After that, players can cultivate, exploit and create their own farm. These activities may be Raising, Harvesting, Fishing, or Crafting,... which is like bringing their real life into the game!

As owners of lands, players can manage, expand, exploit resources and do whatever they want on those lands.


Let's become a hardworking farmer!

Players can plant seeds that they exploited or bought from the market to grow agricultural products. When they can be harvested, players can use them for personal purposes or exchange at the market.


As players can gather resources from their farm, they can use them to raise interesting pets. They will be extremely helpful for players in protecting their home or business in the market.


It's time to harvest! After a period of hard cultivation and breeding, players can harvest their products. These products can also be used in real life: to exchange, buy and sell. From there, players will get profits.


If you expect more or at least want to relax, Fishing will be your favorite choice. This is a fun activity and also benefits players. When players catch fish, they can use it for cooking or bring to the market to trade.


Life has never been so easy! There will be times when you need to protect your land!

From workpieces obtained in activities or shop purchases, Players can craft new weapons/defense systems to increase their odds of winning in house defense battles. Besides, those materials are also used to make furniture for the player's house


Each piece of land has a different amount of resources. Players are able to mine it for themselves. The rewards can be valuable resources that enable them to lead a regal life.


Preparing your own delicious meal, grows your character! Not every game series gives you so many daily activities. Cooking is one of the most important and enjoyable activities in My Meta Farm.

Players can use the available ingredients earned to cook and feed their characters, just like taking care of a good child.

House Decoration

Of course, players will also have full discretion to design furniture and tools to decorate their house. The player's imagination and style will determine the masterpiece of the house

Another very interesting feature about My Meta Farm:If players already have NFTs (in every community), they can bring them into their home, arrange and create a very personal space. Shoes, pictures, beds, plants,... anything they want can be used as they please.

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