With the orientation to become a product with rich content contributed by the community, My Meta Farm's ecosystem has developed user-generated content (UGC) tools to help users easily create any content and monetize it.

  • Building Tool: A tool that helps players build their own world on land that they already own. This simple drag and drop editor requires no coding or programming knowledge, but allows players to create their home and garden in a simple way. It has an ever-expanding library of ready-made models, both static and dynamic, that player can freely create. Then they can publish it to CITY - The Metaverse for other players to admire and interact with.

  • Tool Item Maker: A 3D item design tool suitable for everyone, even those who do not know how to use photoshop or 3D. Users can use this tool to freely create costumes in their way. Then, citizens can wear it to show their personality or sell them on the Marketplace.

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