My Meta Farm

Your Idea - Our Aspiration

Have you ever heard of the sweet and loving land located on the Metaverse-Fortunatus peninsula?

My Meta Farm - is a fertile and bustling land where people live happily, socialize, talk to each other and make a living together. Anyone can get involved in the neighborhood by buying a piece of land, players will be able to design and decorate their property to make it as unique and special as they wish. For that, citizens can experiment with the landscape, using in-game content, like NFTs, which is available as vegetation, furniture, buildings, trees, or even, they can create whatever they want with our tools.

Players in the land of My Meta Farm love to be creative, so not only do citizens freely decorate houses or land, they can also design their clothes and sell them on the marketplace.

It doesn't stop there, on this beautiful land, citizens can do a variety of social activities, experience pastimes such as making friends, farming, cooking, fishing, earning rewards and exchanging for in-game items that they can use on their lands.

“My Meta Farm is the first attempt and the 3-year dedication of the game making team at creating an open world with an interesting storyline that can appeal to both casual players and blockchain enthusiasts. It has a lightweight and intuitive interface with many features to explore. In My Meta Farm, only you decide how much you want to participate in the decentralized features of the game. Furthermore, we design the game in a way that makes it “live forever” with a storyline that never gets boring”.

“Hope our passion and enthusiasm will bring you great experiences.” - Mr. Thanh - CEO of My Meta Farm

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